Saturday, October 31, 2009

Waiting for the monsoon!!!

This blog is for those who have not been to the Indian villages ever in their lives yet, who don’t know who’s the common man of our beloved nation India, who doesn’t understand the importance of monsoon except to enjoy tea and pakoras during rainy days.

I always wanted to go in the villages, even talked to my mom once about spending sometime in the villages of India but couldn't get a chance.

But destiny favors and a day came, when I could visit an Indian village. Incidentally, it was the month of August. Monsoon is at peak all over India. It is period of joy and happiness as most of us like rain. I saw villagers working hard for their living but I found something missing from what I had expected and that was the satisfaction over their faces. It made me restless and I inquired about it. The reason was very obvious but I was unaware about it. “The Bad Monsoon”. I tried to find out the solution for their problem as I really wanted to help them but to my misery I felt too small to do anything for them. At that time I felt that I understood their pain but whatever I understood was just a pinch of their sorrow.

Those days had been heavy on me. I, who was thinking myself to be superior from a long time, come to know my real value. All the names associated with me, I was proud of, have lost their value. What I could say and what I could understand from my experience is that the villagers wait for monsoon as I wait for a moment of success.

I remember some golden words “Failures are what makes you learn the most in life, not the cake walk” k”

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